Oil change

Oil change


Engine oil is one of those products that ensures a long and trouble-free life of an internal combustion unit. Although everyone knows how important lubricant is, there are few who regularly check the oil level in the engine bay. Apart from them, there are those who forget, willingly or not, to change the oil.

When is the oil change performed?

It is recommended that the oil be changed at least once a year or when a mileage limit has been reached (10,000 km or 15,000 km, depending on the oil used and engine wear).

Why is the oil change done?

Another thing you need to know is that oil is not just a lubricant. It cools the engine components, helps clean the residue resulting from the combustion process, protects against corrosion and ensures the tightness between the surfaces of the internal components.

What type of oil do we use?

There are a number of drivers who go to the store and buy the oil “by ear”. What they forget is that the type of lubricant is listed in the car book. The lubricant is classified according to various standards, and the most used is the SAE, which delimits the types of oil according to viscosity.

How is the oil changed?

Oil change is one of the simplest operations that take place in the maintenance process of a car. After removing the cover positioned on the engine, proceed to the removal of the used filter and then to that of the shield that protects the oil bath. After that, loosen the cap at the base of the oil bath and wait until the entire amount of lubricant has drained. After completing this process, replace and tighten the aforementioned plug with a torque wrench set to a force of 30 Nm, install a new filter tightened by 25 Nm and add the required amount of oil depending on the car engine. At the end, the driver will confirm to the computer that the oil has been replaced.

To carry out the oil change operation, Auto Bild Romania collaborated with Midocar Vitan. The “guinea pig” used was a 2010 Audi A6, equipped with a 2.0-liter TDI engine that produces 170 hp. For the whole process, 5 liters of SAE 5W30 oil and an oil filter corresponding to the engine mentioned above were used.

Steps to follow:

  1. Remove the engine cover and used oil filter.
  2. Switch to the engine protection shield.
  3. This step involves unscrewing the oil bath cap.
  4. The used oil is collected in a special tank.
  5. Tighten the oil cap with a torque wrench.
  6. Install the new oil filter, which will collect residues over time.
  7. Put the appropriate oil. The type is found in the vehicle book.
  8. The operation performed on the machine computer is confirmed.

How much does the oil change cost?

For the oil change operation, 5 liters of lubricant recommended by Audi for the engine in question and a new filter were used. The customer in question benefited from the Audi 4+ package, with a 2-year warranty, and in the end he had to pay the amount of 438 lei, including VAT.