In short, this small actuator, or motor as others call it, is part of the 4X4 system of cars equipped with the X-drive system. We could say that this actuator determines the transfer box to work in the most optimal and intelligent way, this being the electrical part of the X-DRIVE system.

Of course, like any other component of the machine, the actuator has a lifespan that varies depending on how the machine is operated.

What symptoms indicate that the actuator needs to be changed?

The transfer box is not equipped with any sensor to indicate on board the optimal malfunction, or complete damage to the mechanism by certain controls. When the following indicators come on board: ABS, 4X4, parking brake, and sometimes airbag, the causes can be varied and multiple:

  • Transfer case –  internal failure. In this situation the transfer case prevents the actuator from operating in the parameters in which it was calibrated.
  • The actuator of the transfer box-fault on the electrical or mechanical side. In this situation the actuator either cannot activate the system in the transfer box or does not activate it properly.
  • Isolated cases – Intermittent or permanent damage to the ABS sensors, the polar wheel, or the steering wheel sensor.

      What to do?

Determine with the diagnosis what is the source of the lights on the board. Sometimes it can be a single cause, but other times the causes can be multiple. Check the systems indicated by the lights on the board if it works in normal and permanent parameters. At other times, in addition to these witnesses, there may be certain mechanical symptoms that are felt when driving on a straight road or in corners.

Whatever the case, our suggestion is for each of the clients who face such problems to pay us a personal visit.

He’ll probably tell you it’s far away … and it is. It is not always easy to travel hundreds of kilometers just for a car service. But do not forget to consider 2 aspects:

1. Our team will always be safe and will not change a certain part if it does not need to be changed. Our experience gained in about 10 years is useful when we have to make a diagnosis. In addition, once we reach us, we can detect the cause of the defect. , and this is very important for the future of your car. It can be a minor issue that the customer probably did not realize, and in time it may have led to damage to the transfer case or actuator.


2. By calling on our services you will be able to have our professionalism. In addition, every work done in our service will be recorded in the car’s service history with the help of the original ISTA program.



      We guarantee the quality of our products!

For those who still did not know, we want to tell you that all our products have a warranty. Those repaired by a 12-month warranty, and the new ones by a 24-month warranty. The reasons why we are confident in the quality of our products are due to the experience gained in years of work.

On the other hand, all the repair kit used to repair the actuators of the transfer boxes is original, and its price is not far from the price of the entire actuator offered by us. This gives us the confidence that our products will have a long life. although we are not the only ones who know how to repair these actuators, we can say that we are perhaps among the few who use this original putty. Why do we say that? Below are some of the counterfeit components that some use to repair actuators.

The suggestive images above confirm one essential thing: the materials and engineering designed by BMW’s engineers cannot be easily copied, and the result of using these cheap alternatives results in the low durability of the products in which they are used.

Choose correctly!


    We hope that this article was of real use to you. We thank the customers who trust us and are even willing to come from abroad to visit us.

We will continue to try to be available at any time of the day.

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