Reconditioned or used product?

Reconditioned or used product?


The difference

Second hand

Not much can be said about second hand… in principle you are looking for the cheapest piece, you buy it and hope to keep it.

Some people say that there are tricks to choosing a better component by careful examination, but the truth is that until you see the inside of the component, you can’t really know the quality of the part you are buying.

Repair of the transfer box by our team. Reconditioning requires a thorough inspection both outside and  inside, and then every component that shows wear and tear is replaced.

With the replacement of used components, a complete cleaning of all components is done so that, after reconditioning, the product obtained resembles in many ways with a new one, which is why a WARRANTY can be offered.

Risk called “second hand”

We can start by mentioning the LACK OF WARRANTY. Many times we try to get the best price so we forget about the warranty. Another risk is that even the seller does not know exactly the condition of the product he is selling.

Then, even if the components are in an acceptable working condition, failure to clean them can lead to severe degradation in a very short time.

What could happen? You can  catch a product that will last you almost as long as a new one, or you can catch a product that will have to be replaced in a few months or a year, followed by another  risk .

What is the repair of the product?

A professional reconditioning includes  inspection, cleaning, replacement, and most importantly WARRANTY. At UBYDEAL SRL we check every transfer box outside and inside, we make sure that all components are in good condition and all worn components are replaced.

Then thoroughly clean the transfer case inside and out, replace the oil so that the components have as long a life as possible. Then, at the end of the reconditioning process, the product is TESTED to make sure it works within the parameters and to be able to offer a  WARRANTY.

Who does the reconditioning?

YES . Some call reconditioning the fact that it washes the box outside, others call reconditioning the fact that it ensures that the transfer case works and does not make annoying noises.

Some even try to do a proper reconditioning, but  LACK OF EXPERIENCE makes them lose sight of some important aspects, do not know where to look for defects or many other reasons… .and as far as we know, a single defective component makes the whole mechanism malfunctional.

The UBYDEAL SRL team is experienced in reconditioning the transfer boxes, and it does it in a correct way. It’s not the same thing to “fix” the first or second transfer box in your life, or to work in a company where several transfer boxes per day pass through your hand.

Once you’ve made hundreds of transfer boxes, you know exactly what to look for and where to look.

Another very important aspect is the parts used in reconditioning. Is the “Romanian” method of “wire and tape” used or are  original components purchased from a reliable supplier used?

Reconditioned or used?

Today’s prices place used components in the same price range as reconditioned ones. For this reason, we clearly recommend the reconditioning done correctly.

We recommend that you choose a reconditioner made by a specialized company for the reason that  they know best what to do and you also receive a  WARRANTY. The lack of warranty betrays a poor quality or incomplete reconditioning, so be very careful.

What will you choose? Will you risk buying something that will last you a month or more? Or will you invest 10-20% more to buy a quality product , reconditioned and tested, with a guarantee and with the assurance that it will last a long time?

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